Sweet Potato, Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters

I love fritters. They are such an easy way to use up bits and pieces and create a tasty meal for a meatfree dinner or for lunchboxes. I also looooove haloumi. So a mix of a couple of my favourite veggies and some of that salty, squeaky deliciousness was bound to be a winning combo. … Continue reading Sweet Potato, Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters


Savoury Spelt Muffins Two Ways

I have tried many times to bake a savoury muffin compatible with a fussy seven-year-old's palate, but have never succeeded. So last week, when I decided to make a batch while clearing out some bits and pieces from the fridge, I fully expected that they would end up in the freezer with the other snacks … Continue reading Savoury Spelt Muffins Two Ways